TIGA Race Cars

We at Tiga Race Cars Ltd. are able to supply race car owners with a first class parts and engineering service.

We can supply parts from the original moulds and jigs for the Tiga range. We also have the original build table to be able to repair monocoque damage.

We can therefore supply original parts to restore authenticity and enhance and increase historical value

Should you wish to get in contact with us for any reason, visit our parts contacts page for more information

Group C - Wheel Nuts

Group C Wheel Nuts
Remanufactured, correct colours (Red/Green etc)

Group C - Rear Rocker Arm

Tiga Parts Rear Rocker Arm

Tiga Race Car Parts Rear Rocker Arm

Front Top Rocker Formula Ford 2000

Tiga Race Car Parts FF2000 Front Top Rocker Arm

Tiga Race Cars FF2000 Front Top Rocker Arm

Formula Ford 2000/Sports 2000 Engine Mounts

Tiga Race Car Parts Sports 2000 Engine Mounts

Refurbed Wheel Centre

Tiga Parts Refurbished Wheel Hub
Crack tested and refurbed