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TRC Electronics

The current generation of race cars is highly reliant on electronic systems, and in particular with emerging Electric Vehicle EV and Hybrid systems, there are a number of new and emerging challenges.

TRC Electronics leverages Mike Newton's 30 years of experience in both the management and design of electronic systems, combined with a Driver's perspective including the needs of 24 hour Le Mans Prototpye racing.

Mike's first foray into motorsport electronics dates back to 1984, when he successfully prototyped electronic rear wheel steering on a Formula Ford, subsequently reviewed and tested by Rob Wilson for CCC magazine. This was probably one of the earliest cars to have system control and Map selection switches on a single seater race car steering wheel. As a classic example of the challenges to innovative and emerging technology, the principle of rear wheel steering other than as per production road cars was immediately banned by the RAC ( now the MSA ) due to a fear that it would escalte costs and pace too much.

There are already exciting bespoke projects in hand for customers across the racing community, including advanced EV system instrumentation.

If you have an unusual and interesting race car electronics requirement that 'off the shelf' solutions can't meet, please contact us to discuss.