TIGA Race Cars

Tiga Race Cars will be running a complete range of LMP Cars for the upcoming Masters Endurance Legends Series

Cars will range from the ex-works EX257 MG Lola LMP675 from 2001, and now the Series has been extended to include 2012, the Honda Acura ARX-03 LMP2.

Dates for 2018 have now been announced -

Imola, Italy (April 20-22)
Brands Hatch ( May 26-27 )
Silverstone Classic ( July 20-22 )
Nürburgring (August 10-12)
Spa Six Hours ( September 14-16 )
Dijon-Prenois, France, ( October 12-14 )

LMP cars at TIGA Race Cars

Tiga Race Cars will be running cars for ‘arrive and drive’ at Endurance Masters events in 2018.

It is then our intention to run a number of cars in 2018 including -

EX257 MG Lola LMP675
EX265C MG Lola Coupe LMP2
EX264 MG Lola LMP2
Embassy WF01 LMP2

These cars have been winners in LMES Series races, championships, and the Le Mans 24 Hours.

A complete program can be offered as an introduction, including our BPS simulator, historical data and video, intermediate training and testing in a 2 Litre FIA CN car, and of course testing in the LMP cars as required.

The simulator, CN2 car and LMP cars all share the same MoTec data logging and basic format of operation for dash / wheel operation.

It is also intended that in 2018 a complete Hospitality package can be provided, re-creating the original LMP experience for both drivers and their partners and family.

Two cars are already in preparation with RML Group in Wellingborough, with all suspension crack tested and engines being refreshed at AER..

RML Group, in conjunction with AD Group, were the team responsible for many successes including taking Mike Newton and Tommy Erdos to LMES Series wins in LMP2 in 2007 and 2010, and also multiple podiums at Le Mans 24 Hours, including class wins in 2005 joined by Warren Hughes, and 2006 joined by Andy Wallace.

For a full history of the Lola MG cars visit the MG Lola racing with AD Group and RML, continuing with the Mazda and HPD cars at http://www.rml-adgroup.com/

Details of cars available For Sale or Hire can be found under the 'Cars' section above.

For all enquiries about available cars and packages please contact Tiga Race Cars using the contact page. Or...

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